Rabbids Go Home (Wii)

Rabbids Go Home is an adventure game. It is not a bunch of mini-games. There is only three mini-games but they’re not very fun ones. The control for Rabbids Go Home are very good but there is only jumping off ramps and stuff like that. The game can get hard at some points in the story. It is 2 players, player 1 controls the rabbids with the shopping kart, player 2 can collect items with the pointer and can shoot rabbids too. My favorite features are the rabbids in the Wii remote and the Rabbids Channel. In the Wii mote you can customize rabbids and change them into figurines. You can upload your rabbid’s figurines to expos on the Rabbids Channel and you can also download rabbid’s figurines. I think this game could have been funnier. I think hardcore gamers will have fun with Rabbids Go Home and kids too. I give Rabbids Go Home a 4 out of 5.


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