Dragon Quest IX (DS)

Dragon Quest 9 is a gr8 RPG. You can create your own character and party members but there is already 3 created party members for you. The main character starts as a minstrel and you can change your class later in the the game but you’ll be so strong that you don’t want to because when you switch your class you become level 1. There will be classes that you can unlock. The game has better muitiplayer than Animal Crossing but no online muitiplayer. One player can open up his world and invite 3 other players to come and roam around. The host can progress through the story and the visitor can level up still and the host too. The online is a shop where you can buy items and download more side quests. The story is good but the character development is not so good. The main character and the party members have no character development; the people around you have character development but many you don’t have to interact with them again. There is a bunch of replay ability with side quests and there will be a new side quest to download every week for the year to come. The fights are turn base which I like. I give it a 4 out of 5.


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