My Top 5 3DS Games I’m looking forward To

Okay, I think I said all of these games before but I’m putting them on a top 5 list.

So… Here’s my list of the 5 3DS games I’m looking forward to the most.

5. Pilotwings Resort

I  never played the n64 or the SNES versions of Pilotwings but this game still looks interesting (Probably it reminds me of the airplane game on Wii Sports Resort).

4. Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright

I’m currently playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and I want play Professor Layton games for this. This anime trailer gets me pumped because I love crossovers.

3. Kid Icarus: Uprising

Okay, I guess this plays as Sin & Punishment when you are flying, but when you are on the ground, you can move freely. I have to say one thing… This game made me tear up… (don’t laugh at me) I look at games, as art.

2. Mario Kart *3D*

it’s Mario Kart… what more to say?

1. Animal Crossing *3D*

I’m a bigger fan of Animal Crossing than Mario Kart (sorry). I would like to know what’s new, like,  is there a new city or a new building. I don’t know but I don’t like the new character models…

Okay, I just found out you will be the mayor of the town from

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Sign me up for a copy of “Kingdom Hearts 3DS!”

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