New Super Mario Bros. 3D

New Super Mario Bros.

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I heard it was confirmed, the is a New Super Mario Bros. in development for the 3DS.

I think I will start this new thing, where there is a new game and I write my wants and predictions for the game.


I want multiplayer (there will probably be multiplayer), but I want 4-player co-op, 4-player versus, 4-player mini-games, I want Wi-fi for all of them, and I want them to make it better than the Wii multiplayer. (My bad writing)

I want a level editor. A level editor will be awesome for a Mario game. They should let people share their levels online.


Multiplayer- They will probably will have Mario vs Luigi, Mini-games, or something like that.

3D Smashing- When you jump on an enemy, they will go flying out the screen.

Pass by mode- something with pass by mode, I don’t know. (My level editor idea will work with this)

Fitness Points- The game will use fitness points (or what ever they are called) to buy power-ups or something.

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