Pokemon Sapphire: part 2

Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker

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Okay, A Sapphire update. I beat 7 gyms and I have 21 hours play time because I’ve also been level griding. My team is Marshtomp(lvl: 42), Jirachi(lvl: 40) , Ludiucolo(lvl: 40), Sableye(lvl: 40), Vibrava(lvl: 40), and Wailmer(lvl: 40). My Mudkip just evolved because it leard hydro pump. Now I just have to find heart scales to give to the move tutor. I want learn muddy water and I think I need to learn.

I just checked serebii.net. I should of waited 3 more levels before evolving Lobrea because he would of learned hydro pump.

Thanks for reading.


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