Pokemon White Part:1

Pokémon® Black and White - Legendaries

I got Pokemon White. I will blog about my playthrough of the game, until I beat the Elite 4 or I give up for awhile. The game is really good.

Okay, Today I chose Oshawott, then caught some Pokemon (I want to catch every Pokemon, that I can). One of those was Lillipup, a Pokemon I chose to train up. I had trouble on the first gym, So I went to train, then a person gave me a Pansear (A fire Monkey). That helped me defeat The gym leader‘s Pansage (A grass Monkey). Then I put Lillipup in the Daycare. I played the story, caught a Roggenrola in a cave. I got back my Lillipup back, it grow 4 Levels. On the Second gym I used Roggenrola mostly but Lillipup was a big help, it evolved into a Herdier. I played though the story some more, leveling up my chosen Pokemon. I made it to Castelia City (the city with the third gym). That’s the City where you do the Victini event, so I caught it at Level 15, then trained it up to Level 20. I’m quite not sure where I evolve my Oshawott into a Dewott.

(My bad writing)


Thanks for reading and WOOT My 100th Post.


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