Pokemon White part: 2

Well, today I wanted to get farther than I did. I beat the 3rd gym (Bug gym) really easy with my Victini and Pansear. As I was progressing through the story, I found out the 4th gym was electric. So I caught a Sandile (ground type) to use on the 4th; I barely

Image from Pokemon datebase

beat the 4th gym. That means my pokemon are weak and I need to train. I progressed the story a little and I’m in Driftveil City, that’s where the 5th Gym is. I went to train and caught a Vanillite, switched it with Pansear. Now, I’m training and looking for the rare Pokemon, Emolga.

If you have any questions, ask me and I will try to answer them or give you a link.

Thanks for reading.


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