Pokemon White part: 3

Well, today I think was better than yesterday. I started out training and searching for Emolga but I gave up. I decided to continue the story, then I got access to the 5th gym. When I entered the gym, I found out that it was ground type (Yes!!!). So, I used Dewott but when I beat a trainer in the gym, my Dewott evolved into a Samurott (Yes!!!). After I beat the gym, I continued the story again. Their was a big cave I had to get a cross, that helped with my training. I reached Mistralton City, where the 6th (flying) gym is. As I was exploring the city, I found this guy, that would trade me Emolga for Boldore (Yes!!!), I caught Boldore in the cave; I switch it and traded it. The Emolga was at level 30 with a good attack-set (Yes!!!) I trained it and then continued the story. I had to go up a big tower, that helped A LOT!!! Now I’m in the 6th gym and only training 3 Pokemon (

Image from Pokemon Datebase

, Victini, and Emolga)  but they are strong.


Thanks for reading.



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  2. Hello, I’m a gamer in Japan.
    I love pokemons too, so a comment you with joy.
    What is your most favorite pokemon?
    I love Genger the most!

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