Pokemon White part: 5


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Today, I finally got pass Victory Road. I went to the Pokemon League. I fought the psychic Elite 4 member first, next I fought the dark member, then fighting, and finally ghost. They weren’t to much of an challenge. I progressed the story to the end. Yep, I beat the game!!! The first thing I did in the post game was the PokeTransfer , I transfered the Shiny Legendary Dog Trio and Celebi. This allowed me to get Zorua and Zoroark. After, that I went on gamefaqs to trade Pokemon. I got a Reshiram now (I have both).

I don’t know  if  I will continue to post these post.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I already told you this, but you don’t have to beat the game to unlock that capability. Also, it is called the “Relocator.”

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