Wii HD Rumor Predictions part:1

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Today a lot of rumors of the next Nintendo console started.  I’m going to predict what rumors are true or not. My predictions might change has more information is release.

Not anther Wii

I think they will not call it Wii HD, Wii 2, or Super Wii. They will call it something different, like Revolution or a clever name about the word “Cafe”.

Stronger than the Xbox 360 or PS3

This might be the Nintendo fan boy in me but I really think the console will be more powerful than the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Nintendo is winning.


Nintendo will probably change from the Wiimote to a regular controller maybe like the classic controller. The controller will probably will have a gyro sensor like the PS3.

Touch Screen

I think they’ll put a touch screen on the controller maybe not 6 inch or HD but a touch screen. I don’t what they can use it for, probably the pause menus.

Blue-Ray Disc

This is a hard one to predict because Sony invented the blue-ray but I think the console will use blue-ray because it can hold the most data.


The console might have the option for 3D for some games… if you have a 3D TV.

1 Friend Code

Nintendo will probably have 1 code just like 3DS, not a network like the PS3 or Xbox live.


Nintendo might release some upgrades to attract to the console, that will expand the life of the console but won’t have it last for ever. A upgrade might be a motion sensor.

To see a lot of the rumors goto wiihdrumors.com

Thanks for reading.


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