Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

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Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg is a platformer for the Gamecube. This platformer is a little bit different because you need big eggs to do most of the jumping. You roll around these big eggs and making them bigger by collecting fruit and once your egg is big enough, you can hatch it to a pet, item or equipment. It might sound weird or dumb but it works.

The adventure is fun to play. I think there is 5 worlds and multiple goals in each. The levels can be kinda easy to just unfair, you will die many times in Billy Hatcher. All the memories of me dying in the game…

I think the real fun is the multiplayer. I had a blast with my friends playing this game. We will always go after the Sonic eggs (gave you a Sega character as a pet). This game is one of the best.

The only reason I got this game because it said made by Sonic Team. At the time I was a huge Sonic fan.

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