Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion (3DS)

Okay, I’m just going do a pro vs. con review of Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion.


Fighting Style

This is my favorite type of fighting, Plateform-Fighting. After you learn the controls, this game plays really well.


You get to play as Cartoon Network Characters, some of the them, you remember as your favorite and some of them, you hate them.

Adventure Mode

The adventure mode feels like a 90’s cartoon(a good thing) with some of the jokes they put in there and nice level design with some of the level.


No Wi-Fi

They should of added wi-fi because the chances of you knowing someone with the game is low and right now, even a 3DS


There are a lot of levels in the game that are just unfair, like when you respawn, you can just be thrown of the stage right away or being spam attacked by an enemy.

Unlocking Characters

You can unlock characters by playing through adventure mode or playing a lot of free battles. If you unlock characters though adventure mode, you can’t play with them in battle mode, you would have to play 75 matches to unlock all the characters.

Too Gimmicky

When I played the game, it just seemed so gimmicky, and it seemed there was hardly any strategy but eh that could just me.

What I recommend you play the game first or just wait until more details of the consoles versions.

Thanks for watching.


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