My History With Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront

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My story starts a long time ago, not really but I can’t remember when. Me and some friends were on a “camping” trip(we had a trailer with electricity), we were awake late at night just playing games, then we got bored and just started to look at demos on a PlayStation 2 demo disc. The problem was the demos were only 1 player(there were 4 of us) but we started the Star Wars Battlefront demo. The demo was 2 players, we were excited about that. The demo was only 1 battle but we kept on taking turns and just be playing that 1 battle over and over again. I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure we played for hours, it was so much fun. After that I didn’t buy or play Star Wars Battlefront, I should of.

Not until Star Wars Episode 3, Star Wars Battlefront came in my life again. At that time, I was becoming a huge Star Wars fan. Me and my friends got excited for Star Wars  Battlefront 2, my friends got it for the PlayStation 2 and I would go to their house to play. My friends also got it for the PSP too.

Now I got Star Wars Battlefront 2 on my PC, I play online now. Star Wars Battlefront was probably the game that got me into Third-Person and First-Person Shooters.

They need to make Star Wars Battlefront 3!!!

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