News Interesting to Me: 8/23/11

Blue Nintendo 3DS on display in Nintendo booth...

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There has many been many Rumors about the 3DS because Nintendo is having anther conference about the 3DS.

2nd Circle Pad Accessory

It’s rumor that Nintendo will announce anther circle pad, that you clip on the 3DS. I don’t how would this work, maybe it will act as the D-pad, but just on the other side.

New Model For The 3DS

This rumor disappoints me… Nintendo said they will not release anther model of the 3DS anytime soon… If the rumor is true Nintendo really lied… But the model will not really focus on 3D

Renaming The 3DS

I don’t mind if they do change the name; it might make the current 3DS as collectors item. I would avoid the name DS… and 3D.

A Big Game Announcement

Nintendo is gonna announce a new game, that will surprise. Nintendo kinda has me stubbed what game it will be, it might be a new Mother game or a new Pokemon Snap game.

Sorry for my bad writing.

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