Super Mario: 3D Land (3DS)

Super Mario: 3D Land has fun gameplay and nice level-design. The game seems like classic Mario game with 3D level-design. Each level has 3 Star coins, that will cause you to look around the level and explore for them. You would want to go back to levels you beat and try to find all the secrets. The 3D is really nice, there effects that would make you want to turn them and some puzzles uses 3D.

There are very few problems but they are very minor. I don’t like the timer because you want to explore the level and the timer will limit in some levels. There are cannons and binoculars that will make you use the gyroscope, the gyroscope sometimes has problems going where you want to go and make you want to turn off 3D.

Super Mario: 3D Land is basically a perfect platformer and a most have for the 3DS.

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