I know this is late, but better late than never. SOPA/PIPA will allow the US government and copyright holders shut down any website because they think the website is breaking copyright law or the user content is breaking copyright law. A website should not be punished for user-generated content.

Here’s a video explaining it better.

On January 18. the Internet blacked out.  The Internet protested the bills by blacking out their websites, it showed what would happen if the bills get passed. Over 115,000 websites joined the protest, too bad I didn’t join… More than 10,000,000 people signed the petition, it’s not too late sign This was the largest Internet protest.

The protest did help a lot. Many congress switched their opinions on the bills. The Entertainment Software Association withdrew their support of the bill. They were kinda the voice of the gaming industry, they got the message the gaming community does not want the bills passed. There was talk about boycotting their biggest source of money, E3. I don’t if other people are still boycotting E3, but I am covering it because of this. The bills are shelved, but they may return secretly and try to be passed, we must pay attention to it. (My bad writing)

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