I’m Back for real.

Heylo, I’m back, and gonna stay for awhile. I know I said that in my post before on my blog, but this time I mean it. I promise at least 1 or more posts a week until August. I will talk about video games, gaming news, and other pop culture goodness.

My gaming news website is postpone for a while, don’t know when or even if it will start up. It would be fun to have one, but I don’t know too much about website design. And free time would be a little bit harder to find now. If it does start up, it will probably be in the Summer. Hopefully I will have extra money and equipment to make it the best quality possible.

It got postpone because I moved onto different projects and stuff… I recently enrolled into a “game design” class.  It tells me what makes a good game good, and what everything is in a game. You know, nothing I could of learned by PLAYING games for YEARS.  I designed my first game, which I can’t upload to any site. It took me 2 weeks, and it’s a very simple game. I’m worried how long it will take me to design a game with 3 levels, for my final project. It might sound like I’m complaining about(I am) but I love it. This is my first real step to becoming a game designer. I’m on an “anime quest” to become the best game designer EVER!

(Uncle’s voice)One more thing, I will be doing gaming youtube videos in the Summer. It will be random gameplay, reviews, and anything about gaming I want to upload. I will share the “good” videos here, so you all can enjoy. 🙂

Thanks for reading.


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