What Miiverse REALLY is?

Nintendo has this social network on The Wii U called “Miiverse“. Each game/app has its own page called a Community. Gamers are suppose to help each other or talk about the game/app on these communities. Like most social networks, Miiverse has some problems and some good things about it.


Image from wikipedia.org

When you make a post on Miiverse, instead of liking the post, people can “Yeah” the posts. There isn’t much of a difference, but a “yeah” is more about agreeing with the post. Some people loves these “yeahs”, it’s like they feed off of “yeahs”. These people are called “Yeah beggars” .The number of “yeahs” you get doesn’t mean anything, you don’t get any prize or get featured anywhere. It gets annoying when you see a post like “yeah if you are cool” on every community page. It also gets annoying when you see “is this game good” every third post. (I am guilty of this) If you want to know if a game is good, look up a review or just watch the community to see what people are saying about it.

With all the problems Miiverse has, it’s still is a great service. People actually use it to help each out. When people ask a question, they get multiple comments helping them. There are a lot of funny people on Miiverse, I usually laugh out loud when I read some of the posts on the communities. But what I think the best part of Miiverse, is the fan art. People can draw on their posts if they want to. They come up with these amazing pieces of art. Remember everyone can draw but you!

If you want to friend me on Miiverse, My Nintendo ID is SuperSmashKart. Just say you read my blog. 😀

Thank you for reading.


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