Sonic: Lost Worlds Trailer

The trailer for the new Sonic game has been released recently. Sonic: Lost Worlds is coming out for Wii U and 3DS only because there is some sort of agreement between Nintendo and Sega for Sonic exclusives.

This new game looks really good. The latest games from Sonic are good and all but there is something I didn’t like about them. Sonic Lost Worlds looks like I will really enjoy it.

People have been saying this game looks like Mario Galaxy or Sonic Xtream. I think it looks like a lot more polished Sonic Xtream. Maybe that’s where the name came from. Since Sonic Xtream was never released, maybe Sonic: Lost Worlds are “lost worlds” from Sonic Xtream. It’s just thought.

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Lego City Undercover and Recording Console Gamplay

In the past week, I got Lego City Undercover and a capture card. Those 2 are a great combination. So, this week I’m showing a quality test video. I still need to work on the audio. Don’t worry, I’ll make a more “professional” video soon.

If want to share any criticism or tips on the video, feel free.

Done With My Game Design Class

I have finally finished my game design class. After (around) 20 weeks of the class, I’m glad it is over with. It was just teaching the basics of what makes a good game good. And some techniques that past game designers used to make their games good.


Newgrounds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to say, there was a lot of useless information in this class. The class should of done about implementing the techniques into a game. In the class, we used program called MultiMedia Fusion 2(MMF2). It’s a Drag&Drop event and actions program. I would recommend it to anybody new to game development. The only problem is, the free version is only a 30 day demo. In the class I made 3 different games, a tutorial game, a simple game, and a less simple game. It was fun coming up with new games and trying to get them to work, I guess.

I can share my final project from the class. I made it in the MMF2 demo but I ported it over to The Game Factory 2- Newgrounds Edition. The Game Factory 2- Newgrounds Edition exports the game to a SWF file that only works on Newgrounds. I will only have it in project stage because I don’t think it good enough to have it release on Newgrounds yet. I think I’m gonna recreate the game with another program like gamesalad.

Game Link

Tell me how you like it.

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Free Game: Celestial Mechanica

I like to play games a lot, but I don’t have a lot of money. That’s where free games come in. Free games can give hours of entertainment for the low low price of FREE. Most free games on the PC are college projects or a Free2Play MMO. Not all of them are “good”. But there are many out there that are darn well close to prefect. I would like to share some with you, time to time.

Celestial Mechanica

This game is a collaboration between Roger Hicks (rComplex) and Paul Veer (animator of Super Crate Box). From what I understand, this game was released on steam for a price, but now it’s FREE.

I would classify this game as a Metroidvania game. A 2D action-adventure, where you get a big world to explore, and parts are cut off until you get the right gear. I don’t want to give too much of the story.. The king kicked you out of the flying castle, you have to go back and teach him a lesson. The game has nice retro graphics that look amazing. Like most good games, Celestial Mechanica has great music that sets the tone.

Celestial Mechanica is definitely worth a download.

Download it here:

Miiverse on Web Browser

Nintendo had finally launched Miiverse on web browsers. This means you can get Miiverse on your computers, cell phones, tablets, or anything that has a web browser; this includes the 3DS. You can view posts, “yeah” posts, and leave comments. You cannot post, Private message(PM), and add friends. I do find it funny that you can report people instead. You can visit Miiverse at Miiverse.Nintendo.Net

Image representing Nintendo as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase


I don’t like the current state it is in, you can’t really socialize as much. Yes you can add comments to posts, but that’s about it. They don’t have to add posting, but I would like to have messaging. If you are an artist on Miiverse, you can now go to the post with the art, copy it, then share it on any site. This also works with screen-shots. 

That’s my favorite part, because I can now show off my BIG MASS OF CTHULHU!


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Luigi’s Manison: Dark Moon Gameplay

This is more of a quality test video. Video recorded from Flipcam. Audio directly from the 3DS. If anybody has any low-budget tips to make the quality better, they would be greatly appreciated.

No Nintendo Press Conference at E3 2013

Image representing Nintendo as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Nintendo recently announced they they will not have a big Press Conference at E3 this year. They will hold smaller events, that would deliver different information targeted to different audiences. They confirmed 2 different events, a media presentation and a partner presentation.

This is a big let down for me… I always looked forwarded to Nintendo’s press conference, with announcing big games, and first looks. I kinda understand why they are doing this, they want to focus on 1 subject, instead of mixing information to the investors and fans. They also have successful Nintendo Directs that delivers news year around.

Hopefully the Media presentation is almost as big.

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