I’m in College!

Sorry for being away so long. I’ve just been busy with all of my classes. My major is game design, and it’s very fun but challenging, like a good video game.   I’m learning about the business side of game development, production, and logic. The classes are put on teams, and I have to work with my teammate to get everything done. I get graded more by my peers than the instructor.  There is no problem at all while working with others, it will get me more experience. I will be gaining a lot of experience and resume builders though-out my classes. I will want to make my own games when I get free time or something, I don’t want to get bored.

Computer Basics Class

Computer Basics Class (Photo credit: taylor library)

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Done With My Game Design Class

I have finally finished my game design class. After (around) 20 weeks of the class, I’m glad it is over with. It was just teaching the basics of what makes a good game good. And some techniques that past game designers used to make their games good.


Newgrounds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to say, there was a lot of useless information in this class. The class should of done about implementing the techniques into a game. In the class, we used program called MultiMedia Fusion 2(MMF2). It’s a Drag&Drop event and actions program. I would recommend it to anybody new to game development. The only problem is, the free version is only a 30 day demo. In the class I made 3 different games, a tutorial game, a simple game, and a less simple game. It was fun coming up with new games and trying to get them to work, I guess.

I can share my final project from the class. I made it in the MMF2 demo but I ported it over to The Game Factory 2- Newgrounds Edition. The Game Factory 2- Newgrounds Edition exports the game to a SWF file that only works on Newgrounds. I will only have it in project stage because I don’t think it good enough to have it release on Newgrounds yet. I think I’m gonna recreate the game with another program like gamesalad.

Game Link

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