Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out on June 9th in America. This is the 4th Animal Crossing game to come to America. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a virtual life game published by Nintendo.

Like previous Animal Crossing games, you are new villager moving into a town filled with human-like animals and you live a new life. There is a major difference in New Leaf. You are the new mayor of the town you move in. Instead of being enslaved by the fat raccoon, Tom Nook, at the beginning, and he made you go through the tutorial of the game. In New Leaf the tutorial is optional, you just have to talk to Isabella(your secretary) if you want to go through the tutorial. You should, you get free stuff and a new fruit.

OK... I did get...Animal Crossing: New Leaf

OK… I did get…Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Photo credit: kndynt2099)

Your character is taller and can wear different pants, skirts, or dresses, instead of 1 outfit like in the previous Animal Crossing games. You can hang stuff on the walls of your house, and you can even decorate how your house looks on the outside.

With your new role as mayor, you can set up town projects and 1 ordinance. Town projects is a new way to customize your town. You can build new bridges, street lamps, benches, and many other random buildings. An ordinance changes how your town behaves, like Night Owl where every business and villager are up later.

For the first couple of days in the game, you feel limited, and more than you should. If you don’t want to time travel in the game, you will get bored of this game in the beginning. Well… That’s my only complaint of the game….

All of these new changes to the game is a huge welcome to the series. If you were getting tired of Animal Crossing ports on every system, this is a sequel not a port. If you are looking for a new game for the 3DS, get this. This is one of the best games for the 3DS.

I recommend this game to anybody that wants more fun in their life.

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