My Top 5 Games/Features I want on the 3DS

Blue Nintendo 3DS on display in Nintendo booth...

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I want these Games/Features on the 3DS.

5. Watch 3D Movies

They said they would do this at E3, but at the latest press conference they said nothing about it. I hope they keep it.

4. Nintendo vs. Capcom

How cool will it be if you saw Mega Man and Mario fight


Well the GBA is ten years old this year and after the DS dies they won’t be any use of the cartages, so why not put them on VC?

2. Kirby Air Ride

They need to port, remake, have a sequel, or something. because this is a great game.

1. Super Smash Bros.

I know I put this on my prediction list too, but it’s Smash Bros.

Thanks for reading.


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