Wiikend News: Wii U

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Team Dojo Minecraft Never Ending Journey Ep: 1

Here is the first episode of the Minecraft Never Ending Journey.

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Let’s Play Minecraft coming soon.

Okay, me and my friend decided to do a multiplayer survive in Minecraft. We don’t know what to call, we were thinking to name it after Turtle Dojo because that is where most of the views will becoming from. The problem is that we can’t really film in the best quality because the screen is not big enough or not good quality. We kinda did a test today and we had fun.

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I was busy today….

Sorry, but I was busy today but here is a show call “Stupid Mario Bros.” I think it’s amusing.

I Got Minecraft!!!

Minecraft Tower

Image by Ramen Junkie via Flickr

I bought Minecraft today and it’s pretty good. I also have to say it’s scary too because the monster might pop right out in front of you; the creeper… The online is fun when it works. I would prefer to play online than offline because you can have people to help you. (my bad writing) I’m still getting used to the game, I probably have to look up videos to find out to craft stuff.

My buildings aren’t that good, so, when I see these amazing creations, I wonder is it easy for them.

(I’m not a good writer…)

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Writer’s Block

I have writer’s block today…

I found this cool show on youtube.

51 more days till the 3DS (I think).

A Lot of 3DS News

Blue Nintendo 3DS on display in Nintendo booth...

Image via Wikipedia

Today, when I went on Youtube there was a lot of trailers of 3DS games. I guess Nintendo had press conference about the 3DS (I should of known of this before…). I found out the release date is March 27th and I wrote it on the calender.

I saw a gr8 looking software line-up. Some games got my attention, like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and Pilotwings Resort (Rabbids HAD my attention…).

When I went to Gamefaqs.com, I saw there is only one game on the “Upcoming 3DS Game Releases” list. It was Face Raiders, it this game going to be programed into the 3DS? I don’t know…

Again, not a good writer…

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