Monster Hunter Tri G Confirmed

Monster Hunter Tri

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Monster Hunter Tri G was confirmed today for the 3DS. Monster Hunter Tri G will be the Wii version but with new monsters. It will also be the first game to work with the new accessory, that adds a extra Circle-Pad. Bad News is… Capcom has no plans to release it to North America and Europe.

Well… the bad news disappoints me… I was going to get the extra Circle-Pad with the game but I won’t get the Circle-pad until a good game comes out that uses the extra Circle-pad, maybe Counduit for the 3DS…

Sorry for my bad writing.

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Monster Hunter 3DS Prediction

A few months ago, there was a rumor about  Monster Hunter coming out for the 3DS but it was just droped. Now the rumor came back up…

My prediction is… Monster Hunter will the game Nintendo announces at their conference and the other circle-pad will be released with Monster Hunter and you can buy the circle-pad separately.

It will be what Monster Hunter Tri did for the Wii, redesign the Classic Controller.

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My Top 5 Games/Features I want on the 3DS

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I want these Games/Features on the 3DS.

5. Watch 3D Movies

They said they would do this at E3, but at the latest press conference they said nothing about it. I hope they keep it.

4. Nintendo vs. Capcom

How cool will it be if you saw Mega Man and Mario fight


Well the GBA is ten years old this year and after the DS dies they won’t be any use of the cartages, so why not put them on VC?

2. Kirby Air Ride

They need to port, remake, have a sequel, or something. because this is a great game.

1. Super Smash Bros.

I know I put this on my prediction list too, but it’s Smash Bros.

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I’m Almost Done

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Yeah, I’m almost done with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, I’m almost done with the last case (that I own). I can’t believe how fun this game it. Now, only if I could get others in the series (I don’t have Nintendo points…)

Well, I say get the series, if you like thinking games.

63 days left until the 3DS

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The Professor and Ace Attorney

Hello my few readers. This blog will be short again because I’m busy.

I just want to say I love Ace Attorney, it really gets me to think. I wanted to out the series because I heard it was good and the crossover of Ace Attorney and Professor Layton. Yes, that means I want to play Professor Layton too.

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