Top 5 Video Games to Play in a Waiting Room

Waiting in a waiting room sucks. We all have our own way to pass the time. Lot of us read a magazine or a book. Sometimes we listen to our favorite songs. But lot of gamers pop out their Smart phone or Nintendo DS to play a quick game that can last ten minutes to 45 minutes.

These are my games to play in a waiting room!

English: An original Nintendo DS "Fat&quo...

English: An original Nintendo DS “Fat” in blue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

One of the most popular PC and Xbox 360 games in the palm of your hand; what can get better than that? Minecraft: Pocket Edition offers the player a mini-version of Minecraft. It has both creative and survival. It has a lot smaller world and less items but there is still plenty of things you can do, which makes it prefect for waiting in a waiting room. You can use the time to build a giant castle or kill hundreds of creepers.

4. Any kind of 2D platformer.

I couldn’t decide what 2D platformer was my favorites. There are tons of good ones for the Gameboy, Nintendo DS, and smart phones; like Mario, and Kirby. You can beat many levels within your waiting time and still have tons to go. They are additive and a good time waster. My favorite one for Android is

3. WarioWare Series

All of the portable WarioWare games are great fun. You select a character, and you play the character’s “microgames”. They have tons of microgames, you will find time just flying by when playing WarioWare. My favorite one is WarioWare: Twisted for the Gameboy Advance. You might look weird playing it, but it’s super fun.

2. Pokemon

I want to be the very best like no one ever was DUN DUN DUNDUN

You will want to wait longer while playing this…

1. Tetris

At any time that I’m waiting, I pop out my smart phone and start playing Tetris. Everybody loves Tetris. There is no better game to play in waiting room than Tetris.

What are your favorite games to play while waiting in a waiting room?

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Free Game: Celestial Mechanica

I like to play games a lot, but I don’t have a lot of money. That’s where free games come in. Free games can give hours of entertainment for the low low price of FREE. Most free games on the PC are college projects or a Free2Play MMO. Not all of them are “good”. But there are many out there that are darn well close to prefect. I would like to share some with you, time to time.

Celestial Mechanica

This game is a collaboration between Roger Hicks (rComplex) and Paul Veer (animator of Super Crate Box). From what I understand, this game was released on steam for a price, but now it’s FREE.

I would classify this game as a Metroidvania game. A 2D action-adventure, where you get a big world to explore, and parts are cut off until you get the right gear. I don’t want to give too much of the story.. The king kicked you out of the flying castle, you have to go back and teach him a lesson. The game has nice retro graphics that look amazing. Like most good games, Celestial Mechanica has great music that sets the tone.

Celestial Mechanica is definitely worth a download.

Download it here:

Gotham City Impostors beta

GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTORS! I got the beta today, and the game is fun. If you are a Gamespot member, you can get a beta key for the PS3 or 360. I played the beta all day, I’m most likely getting it. I would recommend it to people.

Gotham City Impostor is a first-person shooter. The people of Gotham City are pretending to be Batman or Joker and fighting each other. You play as one of the teams and complete the object of the match you’re in.You can customize loadouts and characters. There are different ways how to travel, like Gliders, grappling hooks, and roller blades. (My bad writing)

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What Gameboy game should I get?

The original Game Boy.

Image via Wikipedia

I have around $5 on the 3DS eShop, I want a lot of the games but $5 won’t cover them. There good $2 DSiware games but rather get a Gameboy game. The Gameboy games are $4 and there are some good ones like Metroid 2, Super Mario Land 2, and Mega Man. I would get Super Mario Land 2 but I think I’m gonna save my money because I believe Pokemon Red and Blue are coming out for the eShop. (my bad writing)

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Pokemon Rumble…

Today I played Pokemon Rumble….

When I first heard about Pokemon Rumble, I wanted a lot. I waited for weeks… maybe months… I got it the first day it game and played for hours. I was surprised when I cost me 1500 Wii Points. I remember reading the Gamefaqs Message bored for passwords to unlock Pokemon. Nintendo really wanted this games to sell, they had a TV commercial for it; that’s the first time I ever saw a commercial for a download game. (My bad writing)

It’s 2 years later and it got a sequel. I don’t have it right now but probably will soon. I like the fact it has all generations of Pokemon. I can’t wait to play it.

Pokemon Rumble Gameplay

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2 Nintendo Games Comes Out Tomorrow

There are two great games coming out tomorrow, Pokemon Rumble Blast and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. They both come out on 10/24/11. This caught me at a surprise because I usually pay more attention to these games but I saw the commercials for them. I thought Pokemon Rumble Blast was coming out on 10/27/11.

Pokemon Rumble Blast

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

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Monster Hunter Tri G Confirmed

Monster Hunter Tri

Image via Wikipedia

Monster Hunter Tri G was confirmed today for the 3DS. Monster Hunter Tri G will be the Wii version but with new monsters. It will also be the first game to work with the new accessory, that adds a extra Circle-Pad. Bad News is… Capcom has no plans to release it to North America and Europe.

Well… the bad news disappoints me… I was going to get the extra Circle-Pad with the game but I won’t get the Circle-pad until a good game comes out that uses the extra Circle-pad, maybe Counduit for the 3DS…

Sorry for my bad writing.

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