Wii U, Fake gameplay?!?!?

I just found out the trailer for the Wii U’s third party games were gameplay from Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. I’m not to happy about it because I thought the games will look like that but I don’t know anymore; I think Nintendo should be embarrass for this.  They did show the graphics with the graphics demo.

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E3 2011: Day 2

Today was all about Nintendo! We got more looks at 3DS games, nothing bad their; Luigi’s Mansion 2, and multiplayer in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

The main part is the Wii U. When I first saw it, I was getting worried that it will just be a controller for the Wii, I was thinking there has to be a new console after they’re done showing the controller. Then I was the console by the TV stand, It got my hopes up. So, it’s a console for hardcore and casual gamers. Nintendo will get the sales that they got from the old Wii, for the most part.

My personal top picks for announcements are… Free Ledge of Zelda: 4 Swords, Rabbids for the Wii U, and… the best of them all… SUPER SMASH BROS for the Wii U and 3DS.

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Wiikend News: Wii U

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E3 2011: Day 1

Today was filled some good announcements and some major disappointments. I’m happy for Halo 4, Just Dance 3, and the PlayStation Vita. I’m kinda happy for Minecraft on the Xbox 360 but I wish it will be on other systems because I don’t really like Xbox 360 (That’s only my problem). My major disappointment is Rabbids on Xbox 360 Kinect. 😦 😦 😦 I was hoping for anther adventure but I could settle for a party game BUT I CAN’T EVEN PLAY IT!!!!!!! MOST OF THE RABBIDS FAN BASE IS ON THE WII!!! Fans won’t go out and buy a Kinect, just for a mini-game collection. That game will probably receive bad reviews, the Xbox gamers don’t  even want the Rabbids on the Xbox (or don’t care). If Rabbids was on the Wii, there will be a bigger fan base . Rabbids need Wii

E3 Countdown: E3 Tomorrow

Yay, E3 Tomorrow! The gaming event of the year is finally here. This is the best gaming event ever. I wish it was open to the public, it’s my dream to be there.

Hopefully, one year I will.

An announcement I’m looking forward to will be a new Rabbids game(hopefully).

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E3 Countdown: 1 Day

After tomorrow… E3!!!

Please don’t listen to me about the PlayStation 4 (A misunderstanding).

Anther Wiikend News update, I have been searching for ways to get video in video but I can’t do it. I found software but I was having trouble with it… I will trailers in the show someway…

One thing I don’t like, is how companies are having E3 trailers before… E3. That is ruining the surprises at E3, I like watching E3 because of surprises, who doesn’t. Nintendo does the best with it, they always have surprises. I’m saying surprises a lot….

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E3 Countdown: 2 Days

2 Days left, I got some bad news and some good news.

Bad News: I can’t watch all of E3, like Microsoft and EA but I don’t really care about those.

Good News: I have been working on The Wiikend News by replacing Mr. Mii with the new Mr. Mii for the 3DS. I will also want to be one of the first to put up the news.

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