Pokemon Rumble…

Today I played Pokemon Rumble….

When I first heard about Pokemon Rumble, I wanted a lot. I waited for weeks… maybe months… I got it the first day it game and played for hours. I was surprised when I cost me 1500 Wii Points. I remember reading the Gamefaqs Message bored for passwords to unlock Pokemon. Nintendo really wanted this games to sell, they had a TV commercial for it; that’s the first time I ever saw a commercial for a download game. (My bad writing)

It’s 2 years later and it got a sequel. I don’t have it right now but probably will soon. I like the fact it has all generations of Pokemon. I can’t wait to play it.

Pokemon Rumble Gameplay

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Games I forgot about… Zombie Panic in Wonderland

This is a new kind of post where I talk about games I haven’t played in awhile or forgot about.

The Wiiware game, Zombie Panic in Wonderland is good game. I only forgot about because I was a Wiiware game. Wii is still my favorite console but I find my self playing games on my PC and phone more. I got the game last Christmas with the Wii Points I got, I had fun with the game for maybe a month or so. I got the game because there wasn’t that many games on Wiiware that I would like and the gameplay looked like Sin & Punishment(to me). I should play this game again soon. I recommend this game to anyone with a Wii. (My bad writing)

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2 Nintendo Games Comes Out Tomorrow

There are two great games coming out tomorrow, Pokemon Rumble Blast and Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. They both come out on 10/24/11. This caught me at a surprise because I usually pay more attention to these games but I saw the commercials for them. I thought Pokemon Rumble Blast was coming out on 10/27/11.

Pokemon Rumble Blast

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

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Steam on Wii U

I have an major prediction; Valve will bring Steam on the Wii U. I predict this because Valve said they always liked Nintendo and Nintendo says their online would be done by third-party and would be flexible to accommodate game companies’ wants and needs for online. If Valve releases a game on the Wii U, they will have Steam with it, like Portal 2 for the Playstation 3. I Think if Valve releases a game for all major gaming systems(including PC), there will cross-platform multiplayer for PS3, PC, and Wii U.(My bad writing)

This would be great, there won’t be any problems(I think).

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Animal Crossing Tonight

Animal Crossing series logo

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I played Animal Crossing: City Folk tonight. Animal Crossing is a game where you can’t stop playing(at least for me) because the game doesn’t really stop playing. I might take long breaks but I always come back to it. The game has a social-based(I’m probably misusing  that term) mulitplayer, you invite your friends over to your town(or the other way around) and you talk with each other, you can trade item, and play games, like hide and go-seek.

I also think Animal Crossing is a hard game to get introduce to(if you don’t know somebody who owns it), you really have to watch someone play it first, then you get interested in the game and you want to play it.(my bad writing)

Animal Crossing is filled with Nintendo memorabilia too!

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Wii U, Fake gameplay?!?!?

I just found out the trailer for the Wii U’s third party games were gameplay from Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. I’m not to happy about it because I thought the games will look like that but I don’t know anymore; I think Nintendo should be embarrass for this.  They did show the graphics with the graphics demo.

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Battalion Wars 2

I recently got Battalion Wars 2. I always wanted but thing kept me from playing it. I would have to say this one for the best game on. It’s a strategy game where you are also part of the action. You can take control of any unit.

You can also play online with a friend or anyone. I still need more practice before I go online.

I think Nintendo should put a sequel on the next Nintendo console because if they are going for gamers, this will be a good game for it.

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