Nintendo Press Conference

Blue Nintendo 3DS on display in Nintendo booth...

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Nintendo Press Conference just ended. I couldn’t really understand but I got some facts about it. The Major game was Monster Hunter 4, I feel like they shouldn’t have announced it right after they announced Monster Tri G. They also announced Mario Tennis for the 3DS and the release date for Animal Crossing is sometime in 2012.

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Monster Hunter Tri G Confirmed

Monster Hunter Tri

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Monster Hunter Tri G was confirmed today for the 3DS. Monster Hunter Tri G will be the Wii version but with new monsters. It will also be the first game to work with the new accessory, that adds a extra Circle-Pad. Bad News is… Capcom has no plans to release it to North America and Europe.

Well… the bad news disappoints me… I was going to get the extra Circle-Pad with the game but I won’t get the Circle-pad until a good game comes out that uses the extra Circle-pad, maybe Counduit for the 3DS…

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Monster Hunter 3DS Prediction

A few months ago, there was a rumor about  Monster Hunter coming out for the 3DS but it was just droped. Now the rumor came back up…

My prediction is… Monster Hunter will the game Nintendo announces at their conference and the other circle-pad will be released with Monster Hunter and you can buy the circle-pad separately.

It will be what Monster Hunter Tri did for the Wii, redesign the Classic Controller.

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