Lego City Undercover and Recording Console Gamplay

In the past week, I got Lego City Undercover and a capture card. Those 2 are a great combination. So, this week I’m showing a quality test video. I still need to work on the audio. Don’t worry, I’ll make a more “professional” video soon.

If want to share any criticism or tips on the video, feel free.


Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heros

Anther Lego game… but it’s BATMAN again. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heros is bringing the Justice League to the Lego series. It will have the super heros fighting the villains of the different heros, defending Gotham City. It will release some time in summer, probably near the release of the new Batman.

Image from Gamespot

I like the Lego series but I haven’t play the latest games in the series. This game gets my attention more than the other Lego games because I liked Lego Batman and I like the idea of Justice League. I think the game will be a success because Lego Batman sold well and it’ll be around the movie release.

Thanks for reading.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Yep, anther LEGO game. I think this will be the 9th in the “Movie to Lego” series (including LEGO Star Wars 3). I have nothing against LEGO games, I really like them but many people will say there is too many and I can see why.

Okay, here are my wants and predictions.


Share Maps online- I never tried the level editor in the LEGO games but I know there is no online. If there a level editor, there needs to be online. (My bad writing)

Mulitplayer online- ok… this game will be gr8 with online multiplayer


Level Editor- Well, there has been level editor in the last 2 games (I think)

Release by new movie release- This is a given…

Only movies 1-3- I think they are going to do the same thing,  what they did LEGO Indiana Jones, where they release it with the first 3 movies, then release a sequel with all 4 movies.

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