Pokemon Online

Today I have been playing Pokemon Online. Pokemon Online is a fan-made Pokemon battle simulator. It’s really good, I like to spend time battling random people. You can create your own teams and set up it how you want it, it’s a good way to test teams to see if the team is worth getting in the real Pokemon games. You can set the generation to battle in, like Black or White, or HeartGold or SoulSilver.

I’m been playing it today because I just notice the Android app. You can now take your teams on the go. It doesn’t have a team builder yet but you can import you teams from the computer, via file or QR code. I’ve been playing it on my phone, it’s still is fun. If you have an android device I recommend it, it’s free. You can download it on the Android Market place.

You can download the computer version here http://pokemon-online.eu/

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Animal Crossing Tonight

Animal Crossing series logo

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I played Animal Crossing: City Folk tonight. Animal Crossing is a game where you can’t stop playing(at least for me) because the game doesn’t really stop playing. I might take long breaks but I always come back to it. The game has a social-based(I’m probably misusing  that term) mulitplayer, you invite your friends over to your town(or the other way around) and you talk with each other, you can trade item, and play games, like hide and go-seek.

I also think Animal Crossing is a hard game to get introduce to(if you don’t know somebody who owns it), you really have to watch someone play it first, then you get interested in the game and you want to play it.(my bad writing)

Animal Crossing is filled with Nintendo memorabilia too!

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Battalion Wars 2

I recently got Battalion Wars 2. I always wanted but thing kept me from playing it. I would have to say this one for the best game on. It’s a strategy game where you are also part of the action. You can take control of any unit.

You can also play online with a friend or anyone. I still need more practice before I go online.

I think Nintendo should put a sequel on the next Nintendo console because if they are going for gamers, this will be a good game for it.

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Goldeneye 007 (DS)

Goldeneye 007 is a retelling of the movie and game, Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64. The game has been released on both Nintendo‘s platforms, Wii and DS. The game is a first-person shooter for both platforms.

I say the DS game is pretty fun. There are three modes, story, muitlplayer, and Nintendo WFC (Online). The story was fun to play because I liked to go around stealth like and take out one enemy at a time but you can also go Rambo too. The only problems I had were, the voices being too quiet or I can’t understand it, which made the story harder to follow. I couldn’t play multiplayer because I don’t know anybody who owns the game. It would of been nice if the game had single-card play. Nintendo WFC is the best part. There is not too much lag and finding a game kinda easy. When you respawn you can choose from any weapon, the only problem with that is people will spam the rockets, but when you are the host, you can change setting to turn off explosives.

There are 2 ways of controlling the game, stylus mode and button mode. I use stylus mode because the game seems more fun to play; I just had to change the sensitivity. Button mode just seems more cluttered with the controls

This game has it’s flaws and strengths but it is good. It is better than a lot of DS games. I would recommend this to any shooter fan, who wants a DS game.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

So, there is a new game on pokemontcg.com. It’s the Pokemon card game online. It is still in the beta, there is only Ai but soon online. I am fan of the card, and I had a lot of fun playing it. (my bad writing)

Sorry for the short post.

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Team Dojo Minecraft Never Ending Journey Ep: 2

My hut is not a barn!!!

Team Dojo Minecraft Never Ending Journey Ep: 1

Here is the first episode of the Minecraft Never Ending Journey.

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