Goldeneye 007 (DS)

Goldeneye 007 is a retelling of the movie and game, Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64. The game has been released on both Nintendo‘s platforms, Wii and DS. The game is a first-person shooter for both platforms.

I say the DS game is pretty fun. There are three modes, story, muitlplayer, and Nintendo WFC (Online). The story was fun to play because I liked to go around stealth like and take out one enemy at a time but you can also go Rambo too. The only problems I had were, the voices being too quiet or I can’t understand it, which made the story harder to follow. I couldn’t play multiplayer because I don’t know anybody who owns the game. It would of been nice if the game had single-card play. Nintendo WFC is the best part. There is not too much lag and finding a game kinda easy. When you respawn you can choose from any weapon, the only problem with that is people will spam the rockets, but when you are the host, you can change setting to turn off explosives.

There are 2 ways of controlling the game, stylus mode and button mode. I use stylus mode because the game seems more fun to play; I just had to change the sensitivity. Button mode just seems more cluttered with the controls

This game has it’s flaws and strengths but it is good. It is better than a lot of DS games. I would recommend this to any shooter fan, who wants a DS game.

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Pokemon Black & White Tomorrow

Pokémon® Black and White - Legendaries

Pokemon Black & White are coming out tomorrow. I don’t know what one to get. All I know I’m choosing Oshawott and getting 3 Celebis tomorrow. I hope this game is fun… Oshawott looks cool… a little…

What version are you getting?

Sorry, for the short post.

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Wii with Wiimote (transparent background with ...

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My new family got a new TV today. I never seen the TV before today, I was a amazed how big it was. The first thing I thought was ” I can’t wait to play the Wii on it.” The first thing I played was Wii Sports with a family member, then Kirby’s Epic Yarn, then 007. Everything is soooo big. The only problem is that I have to get use to the pointing on the big screen (not a real problem).

More good new, My mother reserved a 3DS.

On anther note, there is a pokemon event at Gamestop to get Celebi. (Feb. 21st-Mar. 6th)

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Rabbid’s Wiimote Grip

Here is one thing you should know about me, I love the Rabbids. That’s one of the reasons I got TMNT Smash-up. shh…

I have this urge to get a grip for my wiimote, that is shaped as a rabbid. I saw it at Gamestop couple years ago. Now, I can’t find it on their website; I can find the plunger gun and wiimote recharger but not the grip. What the heck!?! I searched it up and I found it on and but both are unavailable. Again, What the heck!?!

A small of this happening, but hopefully a Gamestop will have a used one.

Gosh darn it, the picture is not going up to the right place… Thank you for reading.

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My Game Doesn’t Work! >:(

Yes, my copy of TMNT Smash-up doesn’t work. It most be scratched up or something because the Wii won’t read it properly; it will say something like “error has occurred” or “unable to read disc.” When the Wii does read the disc it plays for a little bit but when I’m in a fight it will go black and a message will appear saying “unable to read disc” or something like that. I’ll probably have to get a new one. 😦

Let me look the price up on

ok… $17.99 used… $20.00 new…

If I replace my copy, I’ll probably get a used one.

Until then, I will have to play one of many games. lol sorry

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