Humble Bundle 4

The Humble Bundle is back, with more games. You can pay any price for the games (as long it’s 50¢ or more).  You decide how much money goes to the developers, charity, or Humble Bundle inc. If you pay more than the average, you will get Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+. The Humble Bundle includes the soundtracks of the games. I recommend getting this because the value of all games together is around $100 but you just have to pay more than $5.33 to get all the games.

(Warning: Video contains gameplay of rated M game.)

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Cave Story 3D Pushed Back

I just heard the release date for Cave Story 3D has been pushed back to August 9th. I’m not that happy about it but I understand because the release of Legend of Zelda. I love this game, if you haven’t played it on the PC, Wii, or DSi, get it for the 3DS. This one of the best side-scrollers.

The cover looks really awesome.

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CAVE STORY 3D!!!!!!!!!!

I was on youtube and I saw this interview announcing that Cave Story is coming to the 3DS!!!! You should know I’m a big Cave Story fan and I’m really happy. It will be a 2.5D like New Super Mario Bros. I’m glad that Cave Story is only on Nintendo systems (so far). I know it started on the PC but you still know what I mean. I thought a 2.5D version will goto Xbox live and PSN not the 3DS. Cave Story is sooo gr8.


Everything from all versions (Curly Mode, costumes, etc).


You can choose from new music and graphic or original music and graphic (Not New).

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Cave Story Demo

Cave Story's simple controls allow for movemen...

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Ok, I played the wiiware demo of Cave Story.

Well… I want the the original music, so I switched it to the original music. When I played it, I didn’t like the graphics, so I reseted it, then change the graphics to the original ones.

I played until I died and had to restart the demo. I’m probably not getting it for Wii. It’s a gr8 but I would just be playing original one but with some tweaks in the dialog.

Gr8 game!!!

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Cave Story

Title screen of Cave Story

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Well… what can I say… maybe…

Cave Story is one of the best games I ever played. The gameplay is gr8, the story is gr8, the music is gr8, and it can be so challenging, you would want to pull out your hair (at least for me).

Cave Story is 8-bit but that adds to the charm. I would not compare this to any other game because it’s a platformer, sidescrolling shooter, and rpg (in my opinion).

Man, this game is GR8!!!!

It is also on Wiiware and DSiware, I don’t know how similar they are to the pc version but it should be. If I buy one, it would be the DSi one because it’s cheaper and Cave Story seems it would be a good DS.