News Interesting to Me: 7/29/11

Nintendo 3DS

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3DS Price Drop:

The 3DS is droping from $250 down to $170. This got me kinda enrage but I have no right to get made about a price drop. This is also getting me worry about the 3DS, a price drop this early… People need to start buying 3DSes…

2o Free Virtual Console Games on the 3DS

If you connect your 3DS to the eShop before the price drop, you get 20 free VC games. Ten NES games and ten GBA, these games won’t be open to the general public when they’re release to early owners. I’m gonna this is a hundred dollar value but I don’t know the value of the GBA games.

So far, some of my wants and predicts have came true… I’m gonna make anther prediction… 3DS sales go up when Nintendo releases Pokemon Gray or Hoenn remakes on The 3DS.

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I Got Perfect Dark

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Today, I got Perfect Dark for the Xbox 360. I got it because I like 007 Goldeneye(64) and it’s kinda the spiritual of 007 Goldeneye. I had fun with the split-screen mode; I wish I could play online but I’m not a gold-member. I also think it is wrong for Perfect Dark to be on the Xbox 360 because it was originally on the NINTENDO 64, that’s like Sony Playstation 1 games on Wii Virtual Console. Sorry…

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Goldeneye 007 (DS)

Goldeneye 007 is a retelling of the movie and game, Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64. The game has been released on both Nintendo‘s platforms, Wii and DS. The game is a first-person shooter for both platforms.

I say the DS game is pretty fun. There are three modes, story, muitlplayer, and Nintendo WFC (Online). The story was fun to play because I liked to go around stealth like and take out one enemy at a time but you can also go Rambo too. The only problems I had were, the voices being too quiet or I can’t understand it, which made the story harder to follow. I couldn’t play multiplayer because I don’t know anybody who owns the game. It would of been nice if the game had single-card play. Nintendo WFC is the best part. There is not too much lag and finding a game kinda easy. When you respawn you can choose from any weapon, the only problem with that is people will spam the rockets, but when you are the host, you can change setting to turn off explosives.

There are 2 ways of controlling the game, stylus mode and button mode. I use stylus mode because the game seems more fun to play; I just had to change the sensitivity. Button mode just seems more cluttered with the controls

This game has it’s flaws and strengths but it is good. It is better than a lot of DS games. I would recommend this to any shooter fan, who wants a DS game.

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I’m Sick :(

I have a bad cold today. uggh… Today I played Sapphire a little, level griding  in victory road.


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What I did today:2/17/11

This week has been busy, sorry

Pokemon Sapphire:

I’m right in front of the 8th gym leader.


I was jumping from server to server with a friend. We had a funny experience with a creeper.


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Pokemon Sapphire


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I doing a new play though of my favorite Pokemon game, Sapphire. It’s not the best but I have the most memories with it and I feel it is the one that really got me into pokemon games; I played the earlier ones but not like Sapphire. Sapphire… 🙂

Okay, speaking of that generation; I think they are or should remake the Hoenn games. It’s almost been ten years since Ruby and Sapphire. That will be my faveorite pokemon game (Hopefully).

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My Top 5 Games/Features I want on the 3DS

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I want these Games/Features on the 3DS.

5. Watch 3D Movies

They said they would do this at E3, but at the latest press conference they said nothing about it. I hope they keep it.

4. Nintendo vs. Capcom

How cool will it be if you saw Mega Man and Mario fight


Well the GBA is ten years old this year and after the DS dies they won’t be any use of the cartages, so why not put them on VC?

2. Kirby Air Ride

They need to port, remake, have a sequel, or something. because this is a great game.

1. Super Smash Bros.

I know I put this on my prediction list too, but it’s Smash Bros.

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