E3 2013 Wrap-up

E3 is over and out this year. Like every year, the money in your wallet isn’t there to stay for very long. This was pretty good year, compared to last year and maybe the year before that. There was good amount of games announced and some good gameplay shown too.

Andrew & Ian Go To E3 2005

Andrew & Ian Go To E3 2005 (Photo credit: cabbit)

Most of my predictions were wrong. There wasn’t even a new Banjo Kazooie game… There was a lot of pokemon shown off but not all of them. Donkey Kong Tropic Freeze was the game designed by Retro; it’s a good game but fans expected Retro to be working on a new series they haven’t touched yet(no fans boy cried of happiness). Sony did have a new announcement that no one saw coming; Kingdom Hearts 3!

All the shows had some great parts to it, even Microsoft and EA. Microsoft has a horrible product with the Xbox One but their show kept me entertained, maybe for the wrong reasons. Microsoft had some awkward moments when they were waiting for the applause, it was funny when some people started to boo them.

EA didn’t have my full attention all the time(most of the shows don’t), but they had some games that got me very interested, like the new Star Wars Battlefront and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Sony has the best product this year with the Playstation 4. Their show wasn’t the best because when they were talking about Playstation 4’s abilities for movies, TV shows, and music, the show just really got boring. The best part of the show was when Sony did the whole f*** you Microsoft, we’re better; the room was filled with applause.

The Nintendo Direct was very underwhelming, everything they shown didn’t have a wow effect like Nintendo is known for, everything was predictable.

BUT BUT BUT THERE WAS NEW SMASH BROS TRAILER. Smash Bros is my favorite video game series. OHMIGOSH MEGAMAN IS A PLAYABLE CHARACTER. Also Villager and Wii Fit Trainer are in it too. We have no idea what else Masahiro Sakurai will put in the game.

Now that E3 is over, I can announce a winner of E3 2013.



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Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. (series)

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Ah, Brawl. My favorite game so far. When there is a new Nintendo game coming out, I play Brawl to get excited. When I Kirby’s Epic Yarn was coming out, I played as Kirby a lot.

There are a lot of rumors that they will not continue the Smash Bros. series because some important guy said he is sick of the gameplay or something. I could believe the rumors because on a display cover of Brawl it says “The Brawl, to end them all.”  I don’t know if they pick that because it was catchy or they are ending the series. I DON’T WANT THE SERIES TO END!

I am predicting a Smash Bros game for the 3DS because they are bringing a lot of Nintendo’s series to the 3DS and at E3 they showed a Melee trophy. That might mean they are remaking Melee. This prediction is the lest likely to come true.

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My Top 5 Games/Features I want on the 3DS

Blue Nintendo 3DS on display in Nintendo booth...

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I want these Games/Features on the 3DS.

5. Watch 3D Movies

They said they would do this at E3, but at the latest press conference they said nothing about it. I hope they keep it.

4. Nintendo vs. Capcom

How cool will it be if you saw Mega Man and Mario fight


Well the GBA is ten years old this year and after the DS dies they won’t be any use of the cartages, so why not put them on VC?

2. Kirby Air Ride

They need to port, remake, have a sequel, or something. because this is a great game.

1. Super Smash Bros.

I know I put this on my prediction list too, but it’s Smash Bros.

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My 6 Predictions For The Nintendo 3DS

Blue Nintendo 3DS on display in Nintendo booth...

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Okay, I’m going to predict about News, features, and New games for the 3DS. Remember these are just predictions. I don’t know when these predictions will happen.

6. More people choose 2D than 3D.

I think more people will choose because the viewing angles might be bad and it might hurt people’s eye.

5. 3D flipnotes

Flipnotes were a hit on the DSi, I think they will let people make 3D flipnotes.

4.  Pokemon Red and Blue gets release on VC

Since VC will be on the 3DS, why won’t they release the Pokemon RPGs?

3. Donkey Kong 64

People all know, they are porting (or remaking) this game for the 3DS.

2. 3DS XL

They are probably releasing a new 3DS after they release this one; with improved battery life, more memory, and bigger screens.

1. Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS

They are releasing a lot of good games for the 3DS, I really think they will release SMB game too.