I’m in College!

Sorry for being away so long. I’ve just been busy with all of my classes. My major is game design, and it’s very fun but challenging, like a good video game.   I’m learning about the business side of game development, production, and logic. The classes are put on teams, and I have to work with my teammate to get everything done. I get graded more by my peers than the instructor.  There is no problem at all while working with others, it will get me more experience. I will be gaining a lot of experience and resume builders though-out my classes. I will want to make my own games when I get free time or something, I don’t want to get bored.

Computer Basics Class

Computer Basics Class (Photo credit: taylor library)

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Top 5 Video Games to Play in a Waiting Room

Waiting in a waiting room sucks. We all have our own way to pass the time. Lot of us read a magazine or a book. Sometimes we listen to our favorite songs. But lot of gamers pop out their Smart phone or Nintendo DS to play a quick game that can last ten minutes to 45 minutes.

These are my games to play in a waiting room!

English: An original Nintendo DS "Fat&quo...

English: An original Nintendo DS “Fat” in blue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

One of the most popular PC and Xbox 360 games in the palm of your hand; what can get better than that? Minecraft: Pocket Edition offers the player a mini-version of Minecraft. It has both creative and survival. It has a lot smaller world and less items but there is still plenty of things you can do, which makes it prefect for waiting in a waiting room. You can use the time to build a giant castle or kill hundreds of creepers.

4. Any kind of 2D platformer.

I couldn’t decide what 2D platformer was my favorites. There are tons of good ones for the Gameboy, Nintendo DS, and smart phones; like Mario, and Kirby. You can beat many levels within your waiting time and still have tons to go. They are additive and a good time waster. My favorite one for Android is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.orangepixel.stardash

3. WarioWare Series

All of the portable WarioWare games are great fun. You select a character, and you play the character’s “microgames”. They have tons of microgames, you will find time just flying by when playing WarioWare. My favorite one is WarioWare: Twisted for the Gameboy Advance. You might look weird playing it, but it’s super fun.

2. Pokemon

I want to be the very best like no one ever was DUN DUN DUNDUN

You will want to wait longer while playing this…

1. Tetris

At any time that I’m waiting, I pop out my smart phone and start playing Tetris. Everybody loves Tetris. There is no better game to play in waiting room than Tetris.

What are your favorite games to play while waiting in a waiting room?

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Surgeon Simulator 2013 Gameplay and Commentary

My friend got me this game because it was on sale with the Steam Summer Sale. I thought it would fun to record my first time playing it. This what came out.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out on June 9th in America. This is the 4th Animal Crossing game to come to America. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a virtual life game published by Nintendo.

Like previous Animal Crossing games, you are new villager moving into a town filled with human-like animals and you live a new life. There is a major difference in New Leaf. You are the new mayor of the town you move in. Instead of being enslaved by the fat raccoon, Tom Nook, at the beginning, and he made you go through the tutorial of the game. In New Leaf the tutorial is optional, you just have to talk to Isabella(your secretary) if you want to go through the tutorial. You should, you get free stuff and a new fruit.

OK... I did get...Animal Crossing: New Leaf

OK… I did get…Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Photo credit: kndynt2099)

Your character is taller and can wear different pants, skirts, or dresses, instead of 1 outfit like in the previous Animal Crossing games. You can hang stuff on the walls of your house, and you can even decorate how your house looks on the outside.

With your new role as mayor, you can set up town projects and 1 ordinance. Town projects is a new way to customize your town. You can build new bridges, street lamps, benches, and many other random buildings. An ordinance changes how your town behaves, like Night Owl where every business and villager are up later.

For the first couple of days in the game, you feel limited, and more than you should. If you don’t want to time travel in the game, you will get bored of this game in the beginning. Well… That’s my only complaint of the game….

All of these new changes to the game is a huge welcome to the series. If you were getting tired of Animal Crossing ports on every system, this is a sequel not a port. If you are looking for a new game for the 3DS, get this. This is one of the best games for the 3DS.

I recommend this game to anybody that wants more fun in their life.

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Sonic: Lost Worlds Trailer

The trailer for the new Sonic game has been released recently. Sonic: Lost Worlds is coming out for Wii U and 3DS only because there is some sort of agreement between Nintendo and Sega for Sonic exclusives.

This new game looks really good. The latest games from Sonic are good and all but there is something I didn’t like about them. Sonic Lost Worlds looks like I will really enjoy it.

People have been saying this game looks like Mario Galaxy or Sonic Xtream. I think it looks like a lot more polished Sonic Xtream. Maybe that’s where the name came from. Since Sonic Xtream was never released, maybe Sonic: Lost Worlds are “lost worlds” from Sonic Xtream. It’s just thought.

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Done With My Game Design Class

I have finally finished my game design class. After (around) 20 weeks of the class, I’m glad it is over with. It was just teaching the basics of what makes a good game good. And some techniques that past game designers used to make their games good.


Newgrounds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to say, there was a lot of useless information in this class. The class should of done about implementing the techniques into a game. In the class, we used program called MultiMedia Fusion 2(MMF2). It’s a Drag&Drop event and actions program. I would recommend it to anybody new to game development. The only problem is, the free version is only a 30 day demo. In the class I made 3 different games, a tutorial game, a simple game, and a less simple game. It was fun coming up with new games and trying to get them to work, I guess.

I can share my final project from the class. I made it in the MMF2 demo but I ported it over to The Game Factory 2- Newgrounds Edition. The Game Factory 2- Newgrounds Edition exports the game to a SWF file that only works on Newgrounds. I will only have it in project stage because I don’t think it good enough to have it release on Newgrounds yet. I think I’m gonna recreate the game with another program like gamesalad.

Game Link

Tell me how you like it.

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Free Game: Celestial Mechanica

I like to play games a lot, but I don’t have a lot of money. That’s where free games come in. Free games can give hours of entertainment for the low low price of FREE. Most free games on the PC are college projects or a Free2Play MMO. Not all of them are “good”. But there are many out there that are darn well close to prefect. I would like to share some with you, time to time.

Celestial Mechanica

This game is a collaboration between Roger Hicks (rComplex) and Paul Veer (animator of Super Crate Box). From what I understand, this game was released on steam for a price, but now it’s FREE.

I would classify this game as a Metroidvania game. A 2D action-adventure, where you get a big world to explore, and parts are cut off until you get the right gear. I don’t want to give too much of the story.. The king kicked you out of the flying castle, you have to go back and teach him a lesson. The game has nice retro graphics that look amazing. Like most good games, Celestial Mechanica has great music that sets the tone.

Celestial Mechanica is definitely worth a download.

Download it here: www.celestialmechanica.com