Happy Thanks Giving!

Thanks Giving is a day where people eat and gamers play games in the morning and noon. The game I played this Thanks Giving was Crackdown. I got it the day before and played it a little. Today, I played it a lot and had a lot of fun with it. It’s one of my favorite genre, Sandbox/free roaming. I like those games because you can do whatever you want whenever you want.

What game did you play on Thanks Giving?

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Let’s Play Minecraft coming soon.

Okay, me and my friend decided to do a multiplayer survive in Minecraft. We don’t know what to call, we were thinking to name it after Turtle Dojo because that is where most of the views will becoming from. The problem is that we can’t really film in the best quality because the screen is not big enough or not good quality. We kinda did a test today and we had fun.

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Playing Minecraft With a Friend


Lookes better in the inside

Today me and my friend were playin classic Minecraft. We explored a really cool server and messed around a little. Then we decided to build something. We started with a 10×10,  I thought we should create a tall tower or an apartment building but he had a better idea, to create a dueling ring (We can’t fight in minecraft), I turned to be a tower with 3 dueling rings. We had fun.


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