Sonic: Lost Worlds Trailer

The trailer for the new Sonic game has been released recently. Sonic: Lost Worlds is coming out for Wii U and 3DS only because there is some sort of agreement between Nintendo and Sega for Sonic exclusives.

This new game looks really good. The latest games from Sonic are good and all but there is something I didn’t like about them. Sonic Lost Worlds looks like I will really enjoy it.

People have been saying this game looks like Mario Galaxy or Sonic Xtream. I think it looks like a lot more polished Sonic Xtream. Maybe that’s where the name came from. Since Sonic Xtream was never released, maybe Sonic: Lost Worlds are “lost worlds” from Sonic Xtream. It’s just thought.

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Retro Games

Image of my dreamcast console and controller, ...

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Well, Retro games are games that I can’t remember… That’s why I collect them, so, I can have the memories I missed. Like I got Golden Eye for the 64 because I heard it was good and I wanted memories of it. I also got games so I can keep the memories of some games, like Smash Bros. I remember me Playin a Pikachu and beating everybody(those are my memories…).

I want to collect Retro Nintendo system games and maybe Sega(I want a Dreamcast) system games only. Those are my favorite game systems, I missed a lot and want to keep a lot(repeating myself).

What I learn(just recently), always at rummage sales, ask if they have videos games you. The results may surprise you.

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Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

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Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg is a platformer for the Gamecube. This platformer is a little bit different because you need big eggs to do most of the jumping. You roll around these big eggs and making them bigger by collecting fruit and once your egg is big enough, you can hatch it to a pet, item or equipment. It might sound weird or dumb but it works.

The adventure is fun to play. I think there is 5 worlds and multiple goals in each. The levels can be kinda easy to just unfair, you will die many times in Billy Hatcher. All the memories of me dying in the game…

I think the real fun is the multiplayer. I had a blast with my friends playing this game. We will always go after the Sonic eggs (gave you a Sega character as a pet). This game is one of the best.

The only reason I got this game because it said made by Sonic Team. At the time I was a huge Sonic fan.

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