Animal Crossing Tonight

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I played Animal Crossing: City Folk tonight. Animal Crossing is a game where you can’t stop playing(at least for me) because the game doesn’t really stop playing. I might take long breaks but I always come back to it. The game has a social-based(I’m probably misusing  that term) mulitplayer, you invite your friends over to your town(or the other way around) and you talk with each other, you can trade item, and play games, like hide and go-seek.

I also think Animal Crossing is a hard game to get introduce to(if you don’t know somebody who owns it), you really have to watch someone play it first, then you get interested in the game and you want to play it.(my bad writing)

Animal Crossing is filled with Nintendo memorabilia too!

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Battalion Wars 2

I recently got Battalion Wars 2. I always wanted but thing kept me from playing it. I would have to say this one for the best game on. It’s a strategy game where you are also part of the action. You can take control of any unit.

You can also play online with a friend or anyone. I still need more practice before I go online.

I think Nintendo should put a sequel on the next Nintendo console because if they are going for gamers, this will be a good game for it.

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My Top 5 Favorite DS Games

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Okay, since the DS is going to die soon (I could be very wrong). So, I will list my favorite games on the DS.

5. Nintendogs

This is a DS classic. One of the best pet simulator (That I played).

4. Dragon Quest IX

One of the best DS RPG games on the DS. The multiplayer is awesome, but this would of been higher on the list, if it had Wi-fi.

3. Animal Crossing: Wild World

This is my first Nintendo Wi-fi game but didn’t how to use friend codes when I got the game. I still had fun with the local multiplayer.

2. Mario Kart DS

ahh… Mario Kart DS… One of my favorite games. My first game I played online (Besides computers).

1. Pokemon RPGs

This would go on my top favorite games ever list. I probably put the most time in these games, than any other.

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New Super Mario Bros. 3D

New Super Mario Bros.

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I heard it was confirmed, the is a New Super Mario Bros. in development for the 3DS.

I think I will start this new thing, where there is a new game and I write my wants and predictions for the game.


I want multiplayer (there will probably be multiplayer), but I want 4-player co-op, 4-player versus, 4-player mini-games, I want Wi-fi for all of them, and I want them to make it better than the Wii multiplayer. (My bad writing)

I want a level editor. A level editor will be awesome for a Mario game. They should let people share their levels online.


Multiplayer- They will probably will have Mario vs Luigi, Mini-games, or something like that.

3D Smashing- When you jump on an enemy, they will go flying out the screen.

Pass by mode- something with pass by mode, I don’t know. (My level editor idea will work with this)

Fitness Points- The game will use fitness points (or what ever they are called) to buy power-ups or something.

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TMNT Smash-Up Working

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up

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My copy of TMNT Smash-Up is working now. I’m really glad too because I was playing the game with some friends online.

I was using Donnie a lot, most likely because of his range, this dude has some serious range.

My favorite character has to be Ninja Rabbid or Raving Rabbid because they’re Rabbid and they have some strong attacks.

I used to host this tournament. people could only be Rabbids. I got people to play and the matches got intense (if I remember correctly). I think the most popular was Ninja Rabbid, then Raving Rabbid.

I never won any of the tournaments (I think)…

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My Top Five Favorite Online Multiplayer Games

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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One thing I love to do, is playing a game online. I like to play against live people not AI because the AI can be so easy it can be a joke or so cheap that you want to break the game, although people online can be cheaper.

Here is my top ten favorite online multiplayer games that I played

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This is my favorite game. I know it can be laggy but when there is no lag, you can have epic matches.

2. WarHawk

This is one of my favorite shooters. Guess What?!?!? This is online only!

3. Animal Crossing: City Folk

This is a great game to chat or just hang out with you friends. I made my fortune in this game by trading some DLC online.

4. Mario Kart Wii

One of the best racing with 12 peolpe online. What more can I say?

5. Monster Hunter Tri

Many people will say this is best game online on the Wii because it uses servers. I only play this game online. lol

Dragon Quest IX (DS)

Dragon Quest 9 is a gr8 RPG. You can create your own character and party members but there is already 3 created party members for you. The main character starts as a minstrel and you can change your class later in the the game but you’ll be so strong that you don’t want to because when you switch your class you become level 1. There will be classes that you can unlock. The game has better muitiplayer than Animal Crossing but no online muitiplayer. One player can open up his world and invite 3 other players to come and roam around. The host can progress through the story and the visitor can level up still and the host too. The online is a shop where you can buy items and download more side quests. The story is good but the character development is not so good. The main character and the party members have no character development; the people around you have character development but many you don’t have to interact with them again. There is a bunch of replay ability with side quests and there will be a new side quest to download every week for the year to come. The fights are turn base which I like. I give it a 4 out of 5.