Rabbids 5th Birthday

Today, it’s the Rabbids 5th Birthday. The Rabbids are still making games, despite all the hatred they gotten and a lot of people love them. My favorites of their games are Rabbids Go Home, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, and Rabbids Travel in Time. I think Rabbids Go Home is the best one because they fun levels and Rabbid in the Wiimote.

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Rabbid’s Wiimote Grip

Here is one thing you should know about me, I love the Rabbids. That’s one of the reasons I got TMNT Smash-up. shh…

I have this urge to get a grip for my wiimote, that is shaped as a rabbid. I saw it at Gamestop couple years ago. Now, I can’t find it on their website; I can find the plunger gun and wiimote recharger but not the grip. What the heck!?! I searched it up and I found it on Amazon.com and Gameshark.com but both are unavailable. Again, What the heck!?!

A small of this happening, but hopefully a Gamestop will have a used one.

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Image from Amazon.com