Gotham City Impostors beta

GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTORS! I got the beta today, and the game is fun. If you are a Gamespot member, you can get a beta key for the PS3 or 360. I played the beta all day, I’m most likely getting it. I would recommend it to people.

Gotham City Impostor is a first-person shooter. The people of Gotham City are pretending to be Batman or Joker and fighting each other. You play as one of the teams and complete the object of the match you’re in.You can customize loadouts and characters. There are different ways how to travel, like Gliders, grappling hooks, and roller blades. (My bad writing)

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Wii U, Fake gameplay?!?!?

I just found out the trailer for the Wii U’s third party games were gameplay from Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. I’m not to happy about it because I thought the games will look like that but I don’t know anymore; I think Nintendo should be embarrass for this.  They did show the graphics with the graphics demo.

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The Game I Really Want Now

Transformers: War for Cybertron

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Ok, I want this game for the pc, but it is also on XBox 36o and PlayStation 3. It’s a 3rd person shooter, that I think works on the Call of Duty engine. If you can’t tell by the picture, it’s Transformers: War for Cybertron. I played it on the PS3 and loved it. I liked driving around as the car and using the machine gun to take down the enemy robots.

Man, I want this game!

I love games with online.

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