What Gameboy game should I get?

The original Game Boy.

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I have around $5 on the 3DS eShop, I want a lot of the games but $5 won’t cover them. There good $2 DSiware games but rather get a Gameboy game. The Gameboy games are $4 and there are some good ones like Metroid 2, Super Mario Land 2, and Mega Man. I would get Super Mario Land 2 but I think I’m gonna save my money because I believe Pokemon Red and Blue are coming out for the eShop. (my bad writing)

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Super Mario: 3D Land (3DS)

Super Mario: 3D Land has fun gameplay and nice level-design. The game seems like classic Mario game with 3D level-design. Each level has 3 Star coins, that will cause you to look around the level and explore for them. You would want to go back to levels you beat and try to find all the secrets. The 3D is really nice, there effects that would make you want to turn them and some puzzles uses 3D.

There are very few problems but they are very minor. I don’t like the timer because you want to explore the level and the timer will limit in some levels. There are cannons and binoculars that will make you use the gyroscope, the gyroscope sometimes has problems going where you want to go and make you want to turn off 3D.

Super Mario: 3D Land is basically a perfect platformer and a most have for the 3DS.

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Super Mario: 3D Land pre-judge

I got Super Mario: 3D Land today. I find really fun but there seems parts that are too easy. At first I didn’t use 3D because I didn’t notice a difference but then I notice that some levels had cool 3D effects. I liked how some puzzles used 3D to solve them.(My bad writing.)

I’m going to do a review of this game but when I complete it. The only thing is…. I want it to last.

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Monster Hunter Tri G Confirmed

Monster Hunter Tri

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Monster Hunter Tri G was confirmed today for the 3DS. Monster Hunter Tri G will be the Wii version but with new monsters. It will also be the first game to work with the new accessory, that adds a extra Circle-Pad. Bad News is… Capcom has no plans to release it to North America and Europe.

Well… the bad news disappoints me… I was going to get the extra Circle-Pad with the game but I won’t get the Circle-pad until a good game comes out that uses the extra Circle-pad, maybe Counduit for the 3DS…

Sorry for my bad writing.

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News Interesting to Me: 7/29/11

Nintendo 3DS

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3DS Price Drop:

The 3DS is droping from $250 down to $170. This got me kinda enrage but I have no right to get made about a price drop. This is also getting me worry about the 3DS, a price drop this early… People need to start buying 3DSes…

2o Free Virtual Console Games on the 3DS

If you connect your 3DS to the eShop before the price drop, you get 20 free VC games. Ten NES games and ten GBA, these games won’t be open to the general public when they’re release to early owners. I’m gonna this is a hundred dollar value but I don’t know the value of the GBA games.

So far, some of my wants and predicts have came true… I’m gonna make anther prediction… 3DS sales go up when Nintendo releases Pokemon Gray or Hoenn remakes on The 3DS.

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Pokemon Rumble Blast

I’m a big fan of the Pokemon Rumble for Wiiware and they just announced Pokemon rumble Blast for the 3DS. It looks fun like the last one. Pokemon Rumble Blast has more than 600 pokemon, the last one has maybe around 300 or less; that’s a great.

I’m gonna get this game.

E3 2011: Day 2

Today was all about Nintendo! We got more looks at 3DS games, nothing bad their; Luigi’s Mansion 2, and multiplayer in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

The main part is the Wii U. When I first saw it, I was getting worried that it will just be a controller for the Wii, I was thinking there has to be a new console after they’re done showing the controller. Then I was the console by the TV stand, It got my hopes up. So, it’s a console for hardcore and casual gamers. Nintendo will get the sales that they got from the old Wii, for the most part.

My personal top picks for announcements are… Free Ledge of Zelda: 4 Swords, Rabbids for the Wii U, and… the best of them all… SUPER SMASH BROS for the Wii U and 3DS.

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