Total Miner: Forge

Today, I turned on my Xbox 360 this month for a game I saw online yesterday. I was searching for a split-screen mod for Minecraft but saw Total Miner, a game for the Xbox marketplace. I said to myself  “I should download the trail tomorrow.” so… I did then, I said “I have to get this game.” so… I did. The game is only 3 dollars! I like it because of the split-screen and it’s like Minecraft. The game is the top downloaded for indie games. Total Miner got a new fan,(my bad writing)

I don’t know much details for Minecraft coming to Xbox 360 but if it doesn’t have split-screen, I have this game.

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Jables’s Adventure

Many indie games don’t get get my attention but the ones that do, are awesome. Jables’s Adventure is a platformer, like Cave Story. This game is a short play-through but is really funny and the graphics are charming. Jables’s Adventure is real challenging, I even had to cheat at a part but I’ll try to beat it later. The challenge might add anther 3 hours for me.

Jables’s Adventure is really weird too. It starts out with Jables waking up and there is a squalid on his head named Squalidric. Squalidric calls Jables a hero and he just goes with it. Jables goes on a weird and funny adventure. It’s a greate game.(my bad writing).


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Team Dojo Minecraft Never Ending Journey Ep: 2

My hut is not a barn!!!

Team Dojo Minecraft Never Ending Journey Ep: 1

Here is the first episode of the Minecraft Never Ending Journey.

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Minecraft Test

Today we tried to do the first video but I failed but I think I found a good game capture program.

Here is a quality test.

Let’s Play Minecraft coming soon.

Okay, me and my friend decided to do a multiplayer survive in Minecraft. We don’t know what to call, we were thinking to name it after Turtle Dojo because that is where most of the views will becoming from. The problem is that we can’t really film in the best quality because the screen is not big enough or not good quality. We kinda did a test today and we had fun.

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Playing Minecraft With a Friend


Lookes better in the inside

Today me and my friend were playin classic Minecraft. We explored a really cool server and messed around a little. Then we decided to build something. We started with a 10×10,  I thought we should create a tall tower or an apartment building but he had a better idea, to create a dueling ring (We can’t fight in minecraft), I turned to be a tower with 3 dueling rings. We had fun.


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