History of Nintendo

Just a boring video about the history of Nintendo. I hope you enjoy.


Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

Nintendo‘s racing game is now on the 3DS. Mario Kart 7 is well… the seventh game in the series. Mario Kart 7 adds gliding and underwater driving. You can now customize your karts with different bodies, wheels, and gliders, to changes the stats. For online, you can form and join communities, to set-up easy races and battles with your friend.

Mario Kart 7 doesn’t add too much to the series, the gliding and underwater driving doesn’t seem like a big change because if you played Mario Kart before, I think you’ll get it down naturally. The character roster is kinda disappointing, because some characters that you think will be in the game, aren’t. There are gyro controls, much like the Wii controls, but I found them to work for most of time but I preferred the normal controls.

The game is as great as all of the other Mario Kart games. The online is same as the Wii, plus communities; it’s great. I think the customizable karts add more strategy to the game, trying to find the kart that’s just right for your favorite character.

The game is great, like all the other Mario Karts but Mario Kart 7 doesn’t add much. I do recommend you getting the game, because it’s fun and it will be a good game to add to your 3DS collection.

Thanks for reading.

What Gameboy game should I get?

The original Game Boy.

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I have around $5 on the 3DS eShop, I want a lot of the games but $5 won’t cover them. There good $2 DSiware games but rather get a Gameboy game. The Gameboy games are $4 and there are some good ones like Metroid 2, Super Mario Land 2, and Mega Man. I would get Super Mario Land 2 but I think I’m gonna save my money because I believe Pokemon Red and Blue are coming out for the eShop. (my bad writing)

Thanks for reading.

Super Mario: 3D Land (3DS)

Super Mario: 3D Land has fun gameplay and nice level-design. The game seems like classic Mario game with 3D level-design. Each level has 3 Star coins, that will cause you to look around the level and explore for them. You would want to go back to levels you beat and try to find all the secrets. The 3D is really nice, there effects that would make you want to turn them and some puzzles uses 3D.

There are very few problems but they are very minor. I don’t like the timer because you want to explore the level and the timer will limit in some levels. There are cannons and binoculars that will make you use the gyroscope, the gyroscope sometimes has problems going where you want to go and make you want to turn off 3D.

Super Mario: 3D Land is basically a perfect platformer and a most have for the 3DS.

Thanks for reading.

Super Mario: 3D Land pre-judge

I got Super Mario: 3D Land today. I find really fun but there seems parts that are too easy. At first I didn’t use 3D because I didn’t notice a difference but then I notice that some levels had cool 3D effects. I liked how some puzzles used 3D to solve them.(My bad writing.)

I’m going to do a review of this game but when I complete it. The only thing is…. I want it to last.

Sorry for the short post but thanks for reading.

Goldeneye 007 (DS)

Goldeneye 007 is a retelling of the movie and game, Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64. The game has been released on both Nintendo‘s platforms, Wii and DS. The game is a first-person shooter for both platforms.

I say the DS game is pretty fun. There are three modes, story, muitlplayer, and Nintendo WFC (Online). The story was fun to play because I liked to go around stealth like and take out one enemy at a time but you can also go Rambo too. The only problems I had were, the voices being too quiet or I can’t understand it, which made the story harder to follow. I couldn’t play multiplayer because I don’t know anybody who owns the game. It would of been nice if the game had single-card play. Nintendo WFC is the best part. There is not too much lag and finding a game kinda easy. When you respawn you can choose from any weapon, the only problem with that is people will spam the rockets, but when you are the host, you can change setting to turn off explosives.

There are 2 ways of controlling the game, stylus mode and button mode. I use stylus mode because the game seems more fun to play; I just had to change the sensitivity. Button mode just seems more cluttered with the controls

This game has it’s flaws and strengths but it is good. It is better than a lot of DS games. I would recommend this to any shooter fan, who wants a DS game.

Thanks for reading

I Was Wrong

I was wrong about the New Super Mario Bros. for the 3DS. They announced a new Mario game but it is not New Super Mario Bros. It will be like Super Mario Galaxy because the same team who made Super Mario Galaxy is making this one. Maybe they will call “Super Mario Galaxy 3… D”  See what I did there… In the teaser Logo; it has a tail. IGN thinks it might mean they are bring back the tanooki suit. I agree with them.

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