Cave Story Demo

Cave Story's simple controls allow for movemen...

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Ok, I played the wiiware demo of Cave Story.

Well… I want the the original music, so I switched it to the original music. When I played it, I didn’t like the graphics, so I reseted it, then change the graphics to the original ones.

I played until I died and had to restart the demo. I’m probably not getting it for Wii. It’s a gr8 but I would just be playing original one but with some tweaks in the dialog.

Gr8 game!!!

Thanks for reading.


Writer’s Block

I have writer’s block today…

I found this cool show on youtube.

51 more days till the 3DS (I think).

Cave Story

Title screen of Cave Story

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Well… what can I say… maybe…

Cave Story is one of the best games I ever played. The gameplay is gr8, the story is gr8, the music is gr8, and it can be so challenging, you would want to pull out your hair (at least for me).

Cave Story is 8-bit but that adds to the charm. I would not compare this to any other game because it’s a platformer, sidescrolling shooter, and rpg (in my opinion).

Man, this game is GR8!!!!

It is also on Wiiware and DSiware, I don’t know how similar they are to the pc version but it should be. If I buy one, it would be the DSi one because it’s cheaper and Cave Story seems it would be a good DS.



Tag: The Power of Paint

Screenshot of TagI was browsing and found this first person game called Tag. I thought this game looked like a paint ball shooter, but when I clicked the picture, the description said Tag was a first person puzzle game. I was going to download it anyways. When I played Tag, I was happy it wasn’t a shooter.

Tag reminds me of Portal (Mostly) and Epic Mickey because it’s a first person puzzle game and you use paint to solve puzzles. There is red paint (Speed), green paint (jumping), and blue paint (Sticky). You use the paint to jump far places and walk on walls to get to the final point through a urban themed world, It’s really addicting and fun.

The only problems with the game is that you can’t save, that’s because I heard this game is short (somebody beat it less than 10 minutes).

Those problems don’t even matter because the game is Free!!!

Download it now, because it’s a great game for Free!!!

Thank you for reading.

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