Surgeon Simulator 2013 Gameplay and Commentary

My friend got me this game because it was on sale with the Steam Summer Sale. I thought it would fun to record my first time playing it. This what came out.


Lego City Undercover and Recording Console Gamplay

In the past week, I got Lego City Undercover and a capture card. Those 2 are a great combination. So, this week I’m showing a quality test video. I still need to work on the audio. Don’t worry, I’ll make a more “professional” video soon.

If want to share any criticism or tips on the video, feel free.

Luigi’s Manison: Dark Moon Gameplay

This is more of a quality test video. Video recorded from Flipcam. Audio directly from the 3DS. If anybody has any low-budget tips to make the quality better, they would be greatly appreciated.

Games I forgot about… Zombie Panic in Wonderland

This is a new kind of post where I talk about games I haven’t played in awhile or forgot about.

The Wiiware game, Zombie Panic in Wonderland is good game. I only forgot about because I was a Wiiware game. Wii is still my favorite console but I find my self playing games on my PC and phone more. I got the game last Christmas with the Wii Points I got, I had fun with the game for maybe a month or so. I got the game because there wasn’t that many games on Wiiware that I would like and the gameplay looked like Sin & Punishment(to me). I should play this game again soon. I recommend this game to anyone with a Wii. (My bad writing)

Thanks for reading.

Pokemon Rumble Blast

I’m a big fan of the Pokemon Rumble for Wiiware and they just announced Pokemon rumble Blast for the 3DS. It looks fun like the last one. Pokemon Rumble Blast has more than 600 pokemon, the last one has maybe around 300 or less; that’s a great.

I’m gonna get this game.

Wii U, Fake gameplay?!?!?

I just found out the trailer for the Wii U’s third party games were gameplay from Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. I’m not to happy about it because I thought the games will look like that but I don’t know anymore; I think Nintendo should be embarrass for this.  They did show the graphics with the graphics demo.

Thanks for reading.

Wiikend News: Wii U

Thanks for watching.